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Chiropractic for pregnancy...

     Do pregnant women need to be checked for subluxations?  Definitely!!  Subluxation refers to the condition in which a bone of the spine misaligns, interfering with the communication between the brain and body, which decreases the body's ability to function at an optimal level.  Subluxations generally have no symptoms, so people need to have their spines checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are living up to their full potential.  

        Removing subluxations is especially important for pregnant women, as not only will subluxation decrease the functioning ability of their own body, but also that of their unborn child.  Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are amazing processes of life that require immense coordination of all parts of the body.  Subluxations interfere with that coordination, decreasing the body's ability to function at an optimal level and interfering with these life processes.  

     Studies have shown that women under regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy actually had a reduced amount of complications and decreased labor and delivery time.  One particular chiropractic technique, called the Webster Technique, is a non-invasive technique designed to remove the cause of intra-uterine constraint during pregnancy, often allowing the baby to move from a breech presentation to a head down position naturally. 

     All pregnant women should be under regular chiropractic care to help their pregnancy and their baby be as healthy as possible!